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Flying Knueppel Brothers 3-on-3 Basketball Plays

Klay and Kon running Allen Iverson

“It’s like playing that team in the movie Hoosiers – Hickory High School. They run plays at you, set double
picks, you name it.”
– Marc Mitchell, former UWM standout to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

The quote above was a statement made by Marc Mitchell (a former Wisconsin-Milwaukee standout) in an interview after one of many epic battles we had with his team.

Our key strategy is to always outscore our opponents 2 to 1 by running plays for 2-point shots. However, there are times late in games where getting a 1-pointer is critical, so we have a number of plays developed to get those crucial final points of the game. The only good shots in 3-on-3 basketball are wide-open 2-point shots our high percentage lay-ups late in a game.

We have been gathering 3-on-3 plays over the past 14 years and every play in our playbook is detailed below.

For each play listed below, we have included a brief description of the play, a diagram of the play, step-by-step instructions, and then any tips we have learned from running the play in competition. We have had fun researching and practicing new 3-on-3 plays over the years. Use these plays as a foundation, and then research and refine additional plays. Have fun with it!

We have documented the plays by identifying the players as the POINT, the SHOOTER, and the POST. This is only done to try and make it easier to follow the flow of the diagrammed plays. It does not mean that the SHOOTER is the only one taking the shots. You will see as we go through the plays that we spread the shot attempts around to the different players.

There is one section below that lists all of the 2-point plays, and a second section that lists all of the 1-point plays. There is only one diagram for each play, but almost all of the plays can be run from the left side, middle, or right side of the court. We also highly recommend scouting out the court you are going to play on to take advantage of the anomalies of the court. For example, if there is a high side of the court, you should run as many of the 2-point plays to that side of the court as you can.

Plays to get open 2-pointers
Play 1 - Dale Ellis.
Play 2 - White.
Play 3 - Two.
Play 4 - Picket Fence.
Play 5 - Double.
Play 6 - Klay-Kole.
Play 7 - What are we doing?.
Play 8 - Fruit.
Play 9 - Reggie Miller.
Play 10 - Reggie Miller second option.
Play 11 - Allen Iverson.
Play 12 - Paul.
Play 13 - Pistol.
Play 14 - Jeff Hornacek.
Play 15 - Neal Codell.
Play 16 - Dale Ellis-White.
Play 17 - Bad Bill Lambeer.

Plays to get a high percentage layup
Play 18 - Sacramento.
Play 19 - Bird-Parrish.
Play 20 - Bad Bill Lambeer for 1.
Play 21 - Carolina.
Play 22 - Marquette.
Play 23 - Utah.
Play 24 - Fruit for 1.
Play 25 - Reggie Miller for 1.
Play 26 - Steak.
Play 27 - Isolation.
Play 28 - Gus.
Play 29 - Weave.
Play 30 - Curl.

If you have any questions about the Flying Knueppel Brothers Basketball Club, contact us at Put BASKETBALL in the subject line.

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