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Allen Iverson
This play is designed to get a 2-point shot for the SHOOTER off of a ball screen. The basic concept of the play is to run a scissors type cut in the high post, and then set a ball screen right off of that cut.

Allen Iverson

Video link of the Knueppel Brothers running Allen Iverson.

The POINT passes the ball into the POST at the high post opposite the SHOOTER.
The SHOOTER steps in to the high post just opposite of the POST.
The POINT loops around underneath the basket and then cuts up hard off of the SHOOTER to the opposite wing from the POST.
The POST fakes a pass to the POINT and takes a hard dribble toward the SHOOTER.
The SHOOTER cuts hard above the screen set by the POST (who still has the ball).
The POST drop passes the ball to the SHOOTER for a 2-point shot.

This is one of our favorite plays.
The power dribble by the POST will make his defender stay with him and makes it harder for that defender to switch and cover the SHOOTER.

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