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Bad Bill Lambeer
This play is a slip screen for a player to get a 2-point shot from the wing. The basic concept of the play is to get two of the defenders to stay with the ball handler, allowing the player setting the slip screen to get an open 2-point shot.

Bad Bill Lambeer

· The POINT is at the wing with the ball.
· The SHOOTER is at the top of the key.
· The POST is anywhere out of the play (getting ready to go for the offensive rebound).
· The POINT dribbles hard toward the top of the key, and the SHOOTER runs toward the POINT to set a screen.
· Just as the SHOOTER gets to the point of setting the screen, he slips by and let’s the POINT’s defender through. The SHOOTER continues on to the wing (almost always the SHOOTER’s defender will hesitate to defend the POINT coming off of the screen, which will leave the SHOOTER open).
· The POINT passes the ball to the SHOOTER for the 2-point shot.

· This play is extremely effective if the player dribbling the ball can throw a behind the back bounce pass off of the dribble. It means that the ball is out of sight of the defense for a split second longer, which makes defensive recovery on the play even more difficult.
· There is a 1-point play detailed below that can be run out of this set.

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