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This play is a variation of the pick-the-picker play “Fruit” (Play #17 from the playbook) that is set up to get a lay-up. The basic concept of the play is to catch the defense making multiple switches on your picks, which can open a lane to the basket.


· The POST comes in from the wing and sets a pick for the POINT.
· The POINT dribbles hard off of that screen.
· The SHOOTER comes from the high post and sets a screen for the POST.
· The POST than runs hard off of the screen set by the SHOOTER and cuts down the lane.
· The POINT passes the ball to the POST under the basket.

· This can be a tough pass for the POINT to make. If the play is not wide open, don’t make the pass. A turnover is far worse than just having to run another play.
· There is a 2-point play (described above) that can be run off of this play.

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