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The Top 10 Cities We Have Ever Played In

  1. Belding, MI - The home of Gus Macker. The Top Men's court in Gus's back yard (literally) is the greatest setting for a basketball game that you will ever find.
  2. New York City - The Top Gun court was on Wall Street in lower Manhattan. Visits to the Empire State Building, Times Square, Central Park, Little Italy, the World Trade Center site, and a ride on the Staten Island Ferry made our visit there memorable. The competition level on the top courts was outstanding.
  3. Hilton Head Island, SC - Hard to find a more beautiful setting for a basketball tournament. We won our first World Championship there against some of the top teams we have ever played against.
  4. Milwaukee, WI - Our hometown is a basketball Mecca. Three different 3-on-3 basketball World Championship teams are from Milwaukee. The 3-on-3 tournament there plays host to the best collection of 3-on-3 teams you will ever find.
  5. Morris, IL - A great tournament located right on the streets of historic downtown. We spent one weekend there for a tournament, and where welcomed as members of the community in that short period of time. We cannot wait to go back.
  6. Sterling, IL - An outstanding tournament that does a wonderful job of organization. The Top Men's court has the biggest set of bleachers of any tournament that we have played in, and they are usually full of spectators. Great newspaper coverage of the tournament as well.
  7. Findlay, OH - Great organizers who love to meet new people from around the country. This is another place that has a great downtown setting, with the Top Men's court placed right in front of the historic City Hall. If you go to the Findlay tournament, go on Friday and enjoy the best rib festival in the Midwest, the Findlay "Rib-off on Broadway".
  8. Ludington, MI - Hoops on the beach in Ludington is the most picturesque setting that we have ever played a tournament in. Excellent competition level on the Top Men's court as well because of the many veteran teams that play there.
  9. Quincy, IL - The tournament site surrounds the town square and is another special site for a tournament. Quincy also has the best group of volunteers, especially at the Top Men's court.
  10. San Diego - Great weather and a tough tournament bracket made for a great visit to San Diego. Add onto that the time we spent with our good friends Miss Elizabeth's Fan Club, who hail from San Diego, and it was a great tournament. A visit to the San Diego Zoo and Coronado Island didn't hurt either.

Honorable mention - It was incredibly hard to come up with the Top Ten. These are some of our favorite places that just missed the list.
*Plzen, Czech Republic - One of our favorite cities in Europe. Famous for its beer. Our record there in two tournaments is a stellar 7-1.
*Miami, FL - We had the good fortune to be able to stay with Mark and Lina Lay while we were in Miami. The weather was great, the tournament was a tough one, but the time we spent with Mark and Lina is what makes the place special to us.
*Wausau, WI - Another great tournament that is hard to keep out of the Top Ten. Josh Kubly does an outstanding job of organizing the tournament. We felt welcome in the community from the moment that we arrived.
*Peoria, IL - One of the top tournaments talent-wise in the United States. It has one of the highest ratios of professional and ex-pro players of any tournament. This is the only Gus Macker tournament that we know of that has two Top Men's courts. The winners from the two Top Men's brackets play in a televised Championship game. A tough place to win, but a great time trying.

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