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Dale Ellis
This play is designed to get a 2-point shot from the wing by the SHOOTER. The basic concept is a pick-and-roll play where the POST picks for the POINT and then rolls into a second pick for the SHOOTER.

Dale Ellis

Video link of the Knueppel Brothers running Dale Ellis.

∑ The POINT dribbles hard to the wing. The SHOOTER waits until he is almost there and then cuts hard toward the basket. The POST comes over from the high post to set a pick for the POINT on the wing.
∑ The POINT reverses his dribble and goes back to the top of the key. The POST picks-and-rolls with the POINT and rolls into setting a screen for the SHOOTER.
∑ The SHOOTER reverses his cut to the basket and runs off of the POST's screen back to the wing for a 2-point shot.

∑ Run this play fast. The trick to this play is to get the defenders confused about who to defend. If you run it slow and methodically it is not as effective.
∑ Get the worst defender on the POINT. That defender is the one who will eventually have to switch to get to the SHOOTER.
∑ If the defenders start switching on the picks, an option is to have the POST set a poor initial pick for the POINT. What can happen is that the POINTís defender will not switch because he wasnít really picked, and the POSTís defender will switch because he is anticipating the screen.

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