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This play is also known in basketball circles as “Pick-the-Picker”. When we call this play, we call it “Banana”, “Apple”, or “Grapes” just to change things up. The basic concept of the play is to catch the defense having to switch quick twice. Most plays only require the defense to figure out how to get through one screen. This play has two in succession.


· The SHOOTER comes in from the wing and sets a pick for the POINT.
· The POINT dribbles hard off of that screen.
· The POST comes from the high post and sets a screen for the SHOOTER.
· The SHOOTER than runs hard off of the screen set by the POST. The POST is picking for the picker.
· The POINT passes the ball across the court to the SHOOTER.

· Nothing tricky about this play, it just requires some practice to get the timing down.
· There is a 1-point play detailed below that can be run out of this set.

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