Flying Knueppel Brothers Basketball Club, MIlwaukee, WIExtender

This play is designed to get a lay-up against teams who are fronting the high post by taking advantage of the defense when they try to deny the pass to the high post that starts a number of our plays. Some teams try to take away that pass by fronting the high post. The basic concept of the play is a fake shot off of the backboard that is actually a pass.

· POST seals the defender on the high side of the high post.
· SHOOTER (or POINT) “shoot” a pass off of the backboard.
· POST gets the pass from the backboard and scores a lay-up.

· We run this play very sparingly because how the ball bounces off of the backboard is not 100% predictable.
· When you call the play also indicated Right or Left so that the POST knows which side of the backboard the pass is coming off of.

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