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All-Time 3-on-3 Hoop-It-Up Record
Since our retirement from competitive 3-on-3 basketball, we have run into many former players who have reminisced with us regarding past Hoop-It-Up tournaments. Most of the conversation was around how they remember that we won almost every game we played in, and that we won the Milwaukee Hoop-It-Up championship many times. The truth is that we only won the Milwaukee Hoop-It-Up Top Gun Championship 1 time in our career.

We discussed how this misconception might have come about, and decided to review our record. We talked through each tournament we played in, and the level of our success in Hoop-It-Ups was surprising even to us. What we found is that we have an amazing record in Hoop-It-Up tournaments nationally. In fact, out of the 11 tournaments we played in across the country, we lost more than 1 game in only 2 of those tournaments.

  • Milwaukee, WI - 1993 - This was the only time we played in a division lower than the Top Gun Division. We won the "Division 7" Championship. Tournament record was 5-0.
  • Milwaukee, WI - 1994 - Our first year in the Top Gun division. The pool play was still double elimination at that time. We beat a team of Marc Mitchell, Damon Key, Trevor Powell, and Donnie Walls in 2 out of 3 games, but lost to Team Champion out of Indianapolis in the Championship game. (We also beat teams that had the following players on them: Lamon Pippen, Tree Gordon, Kevin Durham, Joe Schultz, and Troy Wagner). Tournament record was 5-2.
  • Milwaukee, WI - 1998 - We took a hiatus from the Milwaukee Hoop-It-Up for a few years. When we returned we had a lot of confidence based on our past performance in the tournament. We went undefeated in pool play on Saturday, but we got over-confident heading into the single elimination bracket on Sunday. We weren't prepared to play and we were dominated by a team led by "Take Your Shirt Off" Roy in the round of 8. (Insider story - Klint was defending an athletic extremely muscular player in the post. In addition to his power, he was a very good basketball player, which made him unstoppable in 3-on-3. At the end of the game, someone from the crowd yelled out "Take your shirt off, Roy!", and he obliged From that point on, our fans that were at that game have referred to him as "Take Your Shirt Off" Roy). Tournament record was 4-1.
  • Milwaukee, WI - 1999 - We dominated pool play in our group on Saturday. The games were shortened to 11 because of rain. In one of our games, we didn't miss a shot and won 11-5 (check out the game on our Video Clips page). They moved the single elimination tournament indoors on Sunday afternoon. We received a bye into the round of 8, and dominated that quarterfinal game. We won the semi-final, which was a tough game against a team called Jubilee (Terry Black led team). We lost 16-14 in the championship to Marc Mitchell, Lamon Pippen, Craig Greene, and Percy Eddie. Percy hit his only 2-point attempt of the tournament to beat us. Tournament record was 6-1.
  • Milwaukee, WI - 2000 - This was another year that we dominated pool play on Saturday. In fact, 2 of our games we wiped out our opponents 17-1 and 17-3. We swept through the single elimination tournament before running into Marc Mitchell's team in the semi-finals. We lost in a very close game to Marc Mitchell, Craig Green, and Lamon Pippen. Tournament record was 5-1.
  • Nashville, TN - 2000 - Our first Hoop-It-Up tournament outside of Milwaukee. We went undefeated in pool play going into the last game. We were dominating the game, when we ran a slip-screen to Kon for the game winner. As he went up for the layup, he was mugged in mid-air by the opposition. The first two things to hit the ground were Kon's head and wrist. Klay hit the free-throw to win the game, but Kon was lost for the tournament with a broken wrist. Neither the player, nor the team, who had injured Kon were ejected from the tournament, and luck would have it that they were the first team that we played in the single elimination bracket on Sunday. Both teams were warned to keep it clean before the game (as if we needed it), and there were 3 sets of policemen ringing the court to keep the peace. About two-thirds of the way through the game, one of their players was ejected for verbally abusing the official. The game was still very rough, which kept the game close. In the end, Klint hit a free throw to seal the victory 16-14. In the semi-final we played against a really good team from Nashville (one of the top teams we have ever played against). It was tied 8-8 early in the contest, but our opponents won going away 16-8. Tournament record was 5-1.
  • Minneapolis, MN - 2001 - The Minneapolis tournament was the weekend before the Milwaukee tournament. We decided to play in it as a prep tournament for Milwaukee. In our years of playing in Milwaukee, we had not yet won the Top Gun Championship. We wanted to use the Minneapolis tournament to work out the kinks in our game so that we would have a better chance to win Milwaukee. Klay was not able to make the first day of the tournament due to a wedding commitment. Kole, Kon, and Klint decided that it was a good time to work on our game without Klay being there. We won all of our pool play games on Saturday fairly easily. When Klay go to the hotel late on Saturday night, we laughingly told him he could go home. On Sunday, we won the round of 8 game easily before running into a very tough team in the semi-final. We were down by 1 point with 4 seconds to go and we were inbounding the ball. Klay threw it in to Kon who was immediately double-teamed. Kon passed it quickly to Kole who hit a 2-pointer at the buzzer to win it. An unbelievable game. In the Championship we had a pretty easy time, and we won our first ever Hoop-It-Up Championship. We had gone to the tournament to prepare ourselves to win a Milwaukee Championship, and in the end we went home as the best 3-on-3 team in Minneapolis. Tournament record was 7-0.
  • Milwaukee, WI - 2001 - We went into the Milwaukee tournament feeling pretty good because we had just won the Minneapolis tournament. We may have been a little over-confident, and we lost our first ever game in pool play (for our career we had won 22 straight pool play games to that point). It woke us up a little, and we turned it up a notch in the single-elimination tournament. We made it all the way to the Championship where our old rivals Marc Mitchell, Craig Greene, and Lamon Pippen were waiting. They had added Dwaine Streater to their team, which ended up being a huge advantage for us since he had never played against us before. When he was out of the game, we had a hard time scoring. But, when he was in the game we ran all of our plays right at him and scored a number of 2-point shots. We started out behind in the game, and at one time were down 10-6. However, we finished with a flurry and won our first ever Milwaukee Top Gun Championship 16-13. Hoop-It-Up Top Gun Champions two weekends in a row! Incredible. Tournament record was 6-1.
  • Austin, TX - 2001 - Our wins in Minneapolis and Milwaukee qualified us for the Regional Final in Texas. We had really tough games in pool play, but came away with victories over the Top Gun Champions from Oklahoma City, Omaha, Kansas City, and Orange County. Unfortunately, we lost in the round of 8 against a team from Albuquerque 16-14. It was the first time we had ever lost to a team that had scored only 1-pointers the entire game. If you play 3-on-3 basketball enough, you have an opportunity to run into poor officiating. We rarely use that as an excuse for a loss, but this game was one that the officials definitely had an impact on the outcome. Tournament record was 4-1.
  • Miami, FL - 2003 - Our schedule had us playing in 9 tournaments in 2003. The Miami tournament was our first of the year, and we were going to use it to get some practice to get our season started. It was a rough tournament, that didn't start out too well. Even though we won the first game of the day, it didn't pass without one of our opponents calling Kole a "Cracker" (just for setting a solid pick). We played well in the pool play portion of the tournament, but did lose only our second pool play game ever to a team from New York City that had former Wisconsin star Cory Blackwell on it (the guy can still play). We ended up losing in the round of 8 in the single-elimination tournament to another traveling team that happened to have Dwaine Streater on it. He remembered us well from Milwaukee (in 2001), so he had his teammates well prepared for our game. It was a close game, but we lost as time expired. Tournament record was 3-2.
  • New York City, NY - 2003 - We decided to add New York City to our list just for the experience. We went to the tournament with no expectations of having a shot to win it at all. However, we had great luck on Saturday and thoroughly dominated our pool. We went into Sunday as the top seed in the single elimination bracket of the tournament. Traveling to the tournament Sunday morning on the subway ride to the tournament site, the team hardly spoke to each other as they prepared themselves for the final day of the tournament. I have never seen the team so mentally prepared for a tournament. We went right through the tournament field on Sunday, winning the New York City Top Gun Championship game fairly handily 16-10. We outscored our opponents 112-55 that weekend. Tournament record was 7-0.

Overall Hoop-It-Up Record: 57-10 (.851)

Note: Our overall pool play record during this time was an unbelievable 34-2 (.944). Until we added it all up, even we didn't realize we had been that fortunate.

3 Top Gun Championships -
Sweet 16 in the nation in 2001 -
2 Top Gun Runner-up finishes -
2 Top Gun Semi-final losses -
2 Top Gun Quartfinal losses -
1 "Division 7" Championship -

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