Flying Knueppel Brothers Basketball Club, MIlwaukee, WIExtender

We recommend you have a play named for each player on your team that indicates that the play is a one-on-one play for a specific player. Our plays are:
· “A.C.” – Isolation play for player 1.
· “Tree” – Isolation play for player 2.
· “Del” – Isolation play for player 3.
· “Googs” – Isolation play for player 4.

· Every player has a specific move that they feel confident they can score on. Take advantage of those only when the situation is right for it. Don’t force it.
· Only run the isolation plays if you are 100% sure you will score on it, or you will get a foul out of it. If the shot is not there, set up and run something else.

If you have any questions about the Flying Knueppel Brothers Basketball Club, contact us at Put BASKETBALL in the subject line. We’d be happy to put you on our mailing list for tournament updates and periodic newsletters.

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