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Jeff Hornacek
This play has the POINT and the POST exchanging screens in order to get an open shot for the POINT. We have used it successfully to get a 2-point shot from the top of the key against teams with poor defense. Normally, our main purpose for running it is to get the defense moving before we run into another set play. The basic concept of the play is to have the POINT run off of two screens by the POST in order to catch the POINT’s defender trying to cheat.

Jeff Hornacek

· The POINT passes the ball to the SHOOTER on the wing.
· The POST slides down the lane from the high post to the low post.
· The POINT comes down the lane and sets a pick for the POST.
· The POST comes off of the screen and turns around quickly and sets a screen for the POINT.
· The POINT cuts off of that screen to the top of the key.
· The SHOOTER passes point the ball for the shot.

· We have been able to get shots off on this fairly simple play. However, we primarily use it just to get the defense moving so that when we go into another one of our set plays (like “Dale”) the defense has already done some shifting and has to recover as it we get into our next play. This will help your other plays be more effective because the defense will have to get through a couple of set plays to stop you instead of just one.

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