Flying Knueppel Brothers Basketball Club, MIlwaukee, WIExtender

This is a play that integrates a ball screen to get an open 2-point shot for the SHOOTER. The basic concept is that the POINT’s defender will not switch to defend the SHOOTER because he does not perceive that the POINT is really setting a pick.


Video link of the Knueppel Brothers running Klay-Kole.

· The POINT is at the top of the key.
· The SHOOTER is standing at the wing.
· The POST can be anywhere on the court, and should be setting up to go for the offensive rebound.
· The POINT dribbles directly at the SHOOTER’s defender.
· The SHOOTER takes a couple of hard steps to the left.
· The POINT drops the ball to the SHOOTER and sets a pick on the SHOOTER’s defender all in one motion.

· Getting the timing down on this play is the key to getting a wide open shot.
· The SHOOTER should just be standing an looking at his defender until the last possible moment before cutting off of the screen for the shot. You want the defense to let their guard down because you are just standing around.

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