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Neal Codell
This play is a combination of “Carolina” (Play #21 from the playbook) and “Dale” (Play #1 from the playbook) run in sequence to get a 2-point shot on the wing for SHOOTER. We have found that running our set plays in sequence is the key to beating the veteran teams that have figured out the basic sets. If you run one set play, the defense can learn how to stop it. If you run several in succession, it is much tougher for the defense to get through the multiple picks that are set through running multiple plays.

Jeff Hornacek

· Run “Carolina” (Play #21).
· At the end of “Carolina” the POINT is dribbling toward the wing, the POST is at the high post, and the SHOOTER is under the basket.
· From that position you can run “Dale” (Play #1).

· It is more effective if the sequence of plays is run fast. · The POST should be careful of getting called for an illegal screen when setting the screen for the SHOOTER in the “Dale” portion of the play. For some reason, on this play that gets called more often than on our other plays.

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