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This play is a deception play designed to get a 2-point shot by any of the players on the court. The basic concept of the play is to trick veteran players who know the rules of 3-on-3 basketball into not playing defense at all. In 3-on-3 basketball, if a team that gains possession of the ball does not take it back (which means both feet and the ball) behind the take back line, and they score a basket, the basket is no good and the ball is turned over to the defense. There is no diagram for this one; the instructions will suffice.

Video link of the Knueppel Brothers running Paul.

Note: This play is not as effective if it is run early in a game.
· Let’s just say that the POST gets the rebound.
· The POST will dribble hard to take the ball back, as he gets close to the take back line he will holler “Paul!” so that the team knows that the play is being run.
· The POST makes it obvious that he only puts one foot behind the take back line, and then he drives hard to the basket as if he is going for a lay-up. At this time, veteran team who know the rules will stop playing defense and will want to allow you to shoot the lay-up (which according to the rules will result in a turnover).
· The SHOOTER and the POINT should both find an open spot BEHIND THE TAKE BACK LINE.
· Right as the POST gets to the basket he will turn and fire a pass to either the SHOOTER or the POINT (whoever is more wide open).
· Whoever receives the pass will have a 2-point shot.

· This only works against veteran players who know the rules.
· It’s obviously imperative that the SHOOTER and the POINT be behind the take back line when they receive the pass from the POST, otherwise the ball will not have been taken back and the play will result in a turnover.

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