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Picket Fence
This play is the classic picket fence, and is one of the few plays we have found where a double screen can be set with only 3 players. This play is designed to get a 2-point shot from the top of the key by the POINT. The basic concept is to set a double screen at the free throw line that the POINT will use to get open.

Picket Fence

Video link of the Knueppel Brothers running Picket Fence.

The POINT enters the ball to the high post and makes a looping run toward the basket by running past the wing opposite of the SHOOTER.
The SHOOTER joins the POST in the high post by going right behind the POST and standing facing the basket. Note: If the SHOOTER starts to the left of the POST on the wing, he should end up on the right side of the POST in the high post area.
When the POINT gets to the basket, he runs straight up through the lane and jumps between the POST and the SHOOTER.
The SHOOTER pinches in to finish off the double screen.
The POST flips the ball to the POINT for a 2-pointer from the top of the key.

Having the SHOOTER face the basket on the double screen makes it easier to more effectively set the double screen.
Option 2 off of this play is: If the POINT does not have a shot, he will quickly dribble to his left. The POST will turn slightly and screen for the SHOOTER, who will come off the screen and go to the wing opposite of where the POINT is.

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