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This play is a deception play designed to get a 2-point shot by the POINT or the POST from the top of the key. The basic concept of the play is to trick the defenders into thinking about rebounding the basketball, and getting a back screen out of that deception.


Video link of the Knueppel Brothers running Pistol.

Note: For us we like to have the POST set the screen for the POINT, so we have the play designed that way. You can change the design in order to fit your personnel.
· The POST inbounds the ball to the SHOOTER.
· The POINT is somewhere around the high post area.
· The SHOOTER gets the ball into a shooting position. The SHOOTER and the POST both holler “Shot!”, as if the shot is going up.
· The POINT takes a step toward the basket as if going for the rebound (if you want to push your defender toward the basket at this time as well, do so).
· The POST runs toward the POINT as if heading toward the basket for the rebound. Instead, the POST is running to set a back screen on the POINT’s defender.
· The POINT turns and runs toward the top of the key off of the screen set by the POST. With the POST’s defender staying between him and the basket, and the POINT’s defender getting back screened, the POINT will have an open 2-point shot from the top of the key.

· The POST very rarely will get called for a moving screen on the back screen he sets for the POINT. The officials are also thinking that it is a shot, and are not necessarily watching for that screen.

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