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CGL Rules

Draft: Teams are drafted at the beginning of each "season". There will be 7 players on each team. A season consists of 10 games.
Game Length: Four 12 minute quarters.
League Points: Teams are awarded 1 point for each quarter they win and 3 points for each overall victory.
Fouls: Call your own. Disputes will be settled in typical Closed Gym fashion (i.e. competitive yet friendly arguing). At the end of games, fouls committed in an attempt to stop the clock must be made on the ball.
Free Throws: Shots will be taken for all shooting fouls. NBA bonus rules will be in effect: 2 shots on and after the 5th team foul each quarter; and, 2 shots on and after the 2nd team foul in the final two minutes of each quarter.
Substitutions: Substitutions are normally made during a dead ball, but are also allowed after a made basket by the opposing team.
Time Outs: 4 per game - Any time out may be used to move the ball to half court.
Shot Clock: 30 second shot clock kept by the scorekeeper in the last 2 minutes of each quarter. The shot clock shall remain the same as when the foul occurred or reset to 15, whichever is greater, on all fouls. The shot clock will be used during all of any overtime periods. Either team may ask for a shot clock at any point during the game, but it must be asked for during a break in the action.
Standings: 1). Won/Loss Records. 2). CBA Point System - A team receives 3 points for winning a game, and 1 point for winning a quarter. If a quarter is tied, the teams split the point. No points are awarded during overtime.
Violations: After fouls, traveling, ball going out of bounds, etc. the appropriate team will inbound the ball. The ball will be "checked" by the inbounder's defender.
"No Show" Policy: If you cannot make it for your game, you MUST contact your team captain. If needed, we will work together to find a substitute.
"No Idiot" Policy: If a player continually makes bad calls, causes arguments, or becomes a detriment to the league in any way, the commissioner reserves the right to give you your walking papers and remove you from the league roster.
Hustle Rule: You must get back to at least half court on defense in order to be eligible for a fast break on your offensive end (i.e. no bucket hanging). Offensive team keeps the ball (not a turnover).
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