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This play is a slip screen away from the ball to get an open lay-up. The basic concept of the play is to get the POSTís defender to help out on the off the ball screen which leaves him vulnerable to a back door cut to the basket. What makes the slip screen plays easy to run late in the game is that the defense has to honor the 2-point shooters because you have been shooting them the whole game.


Video link of the Knueppel Brothers running Sacramento.

∑ The POINT is at the wing with the ball.
∑ The SHOOTER is at the opposite wing.
∑ The POST is at the high post.
∑ The POST goes toward the wing opposite the ball as if to set a pick for the SHOOTER.
∑ Just as the POST gets to the spot to set the screen two things need to happen simultaneously: 1). The SHOOTER runs toward the top of the key as if he is coming off of the screen; and 2). The POST does not set the screen, but instead cuts hard to the basket. These two things happening simultaneously means that the POSTís defender, who always helps out on the SHOOTER coming off of the screen (that isnít really a screen) will get caught behind the POST and cannot recover.
∑ The POINT passes the POST the ball for the lay-up.

∑ The trick to effectively running this play is that the POST actually does not set a pick for the SHOOTER.

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