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The Top 10 Teams We Have Ever Played Against

  1. David Booth's Team - Peoria, IL (David Booth, Howard Nathan, and Rashard Griffith) - The only team that has waxed us twice. They beat us convincingly in both pool play and in the semi-final round of the Peoria Macker in 2000. This is one of the few teams that we have a losing record against (0-2).
  2. Team Z.I.W.A.T. - Milwaukee, WI (Marc Mitchell, Lamon Pippen, Craig Greene) - We have had some great battles with them, and have become close friends because of it. All of our games with them were either in the semi-final or Championship game of the Milwaukee Hoop-It-Up. Our overall record against them is 3-3. We first played them in 1994. Our final game against them was in 2001 and the result was a Knueppel victory in the Championship game of the Milwaukee Hoop-It-Up.
  3. Wray's BP Sohio - Columbus, OH (Jeff Gibbs, Kelly McClure, and Mike Brownlee) - A great team out of Ohio that was a prohibitive favorite to win the 2003 Gus Macker World Championship tournament in Hilton Head Island, SC. We played them in the second game of the World Championships and squeaked out a 20-18 victory. They came back through the loser's bracket to meet us in the Championship round. They took on a unique strategy of significantly overplaying our 2-point shot (they played outside the 2-point line and gave us layups) and crushed us 20-9 in the first game. In the playback game for the World Title, we modified our strategy to counteract their overplaying style and managed take home the World Championship crown with a hard-fought 20-18 victory. Overall record 2-1.
  4. B-Wear - Zanesville, OH (Gale Kirkbride, Mark Blatt, Jesse DuPerow, Steve Antritt) The only other team that we have met that has a similar game plan to ours (valuing the 2-point shot). They beat us soundly in the Findlay, OH Gus Macker in 2003. We got our chance to revenge that defeat the World Championship tournament in Hilton Head. A 21-19 victory was realized when Kole made a 2-point free throw to win the game. Overall record 1-1.
  5. Nashville team - Nashville, TN (Team members not known) We played a team in the semi-final game of the Nashville Hoop-It-Up. They had a player that was an alum from David Lipscomb that was the all-time NCAA steals leader. We were competitive early (8-8 score), but the all-time steal leader then clamped down on us and for some reason we had an uncharacteristically high number of turnovers.... We lost the game 16-8. Overall record 0-1.
  6. Team Champion - Indianapolis, IN (Ryan Berning, Brett Ethevington, Ron Rutland, Brian Matthews) Beat us in our first attempt at the Milwaukee Hoop-It-Up Championship in 1994. The game stayed close early, but we lost some steam and came out on the short end of the stick. Their team size of 6'8", 6'7", 6'7", and 6'4" made it a little bit of an uphill climb. The headline in the Milwaukee paper on the following day read "Only Fatigue Can Stop Brothers". Overall record 0-1.
  7. Hooper Club - Port Huron, MI (Rodney Glassnor, Sonny Randall, Karl Williams) We have had titanic clashes in Gus's backyard for the Belding Top Men's Championship. This is another team that we have become very close friends with because of the competitiveness of our games. Our overall record against each other is 3-3.
  8. Steve Honderd's team - Grand Rapids, MI (Steve Honderd lead team) - We went 1-1 against his team in Ludington, with both games going into overtime. First game we came out on top 25-23, and the second game we came out on the short end 21-19. Steve Honderd is the only player we have competed against that we could not entice into taking a bad shot. Overall record 1-1.
  9. Bad Boyz - Beloit, WI (Mike Ayers, Artise Simmons, Cedric Wynn, Ernest Walker) We have had the good fortune to play against "Ice" Mike Ayers many times over the years. He is a great player with a great Macker spirit, and when he warms up he is an unstoppable scorer. We include the Bad Boyz here with "Ice" Mike because that was the team he was on the first time we played him in Sterling, IL. We have become great friends with "Ice" Mike over the years. Our overall record against the Bad Boyz is 2-0. Our overall record against "Ice" Mike led teams is an incredible 6-2. It's incredible because every single game against his teams are battles right to the end. For us to come out with a 6-2 record has as much to do with good fortune or a call going our way as it does with our skill.
  10. Chris Boykins' Outlawz - Lansing, MI (Carlton Valentine lead team) Carlton Valentine is a great friend of ours that was only made possible because of our games against him in Gus Macker tournaments. We first played against the Outlawz in Ludington, MI. We started out well, but ended up losing as the game took on a very physical nature. It should be noted that every time Carlton knocked me down, he always politely picked me back up. The second time we matched up, we defeated the Outlawz on our way to the Belding, MI Championship in 2003. Overall record 1-1.

Honorable Mention

Team Otter - Michigan This team had Trevor Huffman (Kent State - fresh off of his Elite 8 run in the NCAA tournament), Kevin Fry (Xavier), and Jason Otter (Austin Peay) on the team. We had a hard time stopping them from scoring, and they had a hard time stopping us from scoring. We lost to them in a tight game by 3 in the quarterfinals of the 2002 Peoria tourney. Interestingly enough, because of our 3-on-3 reputation, we were the higher seed in the tournament. Overall record 0-1. However, we played Otter and Fry on another team in Belding in 2003 and beat them in the Championship game.
Ben Benson's Steak House - NYC The team consisted of 7'1" Justin Rowe (U. of Maine, played with the Pistons and the Suns), 6'9" Alphonso Cottrell (McDonald's All-American and played with Marcus Camby on the UMass Final Four team), 6'7" Roberto Villanueva (Charlie's brother - played at Queens College), Chris O'Neil, and Alf Barbalunga. We played them in the semi-final of the NYC Hoop-It-Up tournament. They had never seen us play, and so they were not prepared to defend us. We jumped out to an 8-1 lead and cruised to a 16-10 victory. I received an e-mail from one of their players a few months after the tournament. They admitted that they should not have overlooked us and that if they ever played us again, they would be ready. The writer also said that even then he figured they would only win 3 out of every 10 that they played against us. Overall record 1-0.

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