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Fred Knueppel Wiffle Ball League Rules

General Rules
  1. Barefoot league.
  2. Age ten or under may not catch more than three innings.
  3. Pitcher’s hand is NOT out.
  4. A full team has five players. You may play with only three players. However when it is your teams turn to bat you are permitted to go through the batting order only TWICE. (five batters means a maximum of ten at bats – four batters means eight at bats – three players means six at bats) You are not penalized with outs.
  5. There is NO bunting.
  6. A swinging tick that “dribbles” in front of the plate in fair territory is considered a foul ball. If there is any doubt it is a FOUL ball.
  7. Any “close” calls on whether a participant is safe or out the player is OUT.
  8. The team at bat calls the balls and strikes within these guidelines. Anything that clears the plate and is at eye level or below is a strike. Anything close to the black is a strike. As with the out call anything in doubt is a STRIKE.
  9. A full game constitutes 5 innings (we play innings 1,3,5,7, and 9).
  10. Home team is decided by shooting odd or evens for it.
Pitching Rules
  1. The pitcher always works from the stretch position.
  2. The ball must have a slight arch to it.
  3. No more than one throw or “fake” (runners on 2nd and 3rd) throw by the pitcher when runners are on base and the pitcher is in the stretch position. The second attempt will result in a balk and the base runner(s) advance a base.
  4. Balls and strikes are decided by a player from the team at bat serving as an umpire.
  5. No intentional walks.
Batting Rules
  1. Two hands on the bat when swinging.
  2. Throwing the bat results in an automatic out.
  3. Foul out if ball clears batters head and is caught by the catcher.
  4. If you are hit by a pitch outside the strike zone it is a ball. In the strike zone it is a strike.
  5. As above there is NO bunting.
Base Running Rules
  1. Fielders may throw the ball at a base runner. If the base runner is not in contact with a base and is hit by the ball the runner is out (regular rules apply at first base on ground balls).
  2. Base runners may run (steal) on the pitcher once the ball is in the pitcher’s hands. However, once the pitcher has assumed the stretch position and “begins” to deliver the pitch the runner may assume a lead but must return to the base and touch it prior to the next pitch.
  3. The runners may not AVOID a throw or DODGE the ball. Doing so results in an automatic OUT.
  4. When thrown at the runner may only advance to the base to which he is headed. If the ball misses the runner the runner stays at the base he was headed for.
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