Flying Knueppel Brothers Basketball Club, MIlwaukee, WIExtender

This play is designed to get movement in your offense. The best way to start your 2-point and 1-point set plays is to get the defense moving first. We have used the standard “weave” in the past to get the defense moving.


· POINT starts out at the top of the key.
· SHOOTER and POST start out on each wing.
· POINT dribbles at SHOOTER. SHOOTER goes behind the POINT. POINT passes the ball to SHOOTER.
· SHOOTER dribbles at POST. POST goes behind the SHOOTER. SHOOTER passes the ball to the POST.
· Continue the same pattern.

· Practice this before you use it. It seems simple, but it is slightly different than the weave you learned at basketball camps, grade school practices, etc. The difference is that the person receiving the ball goes behind the passer instead of in front. In order to be effective it needs to be run smoothly.
· Practice running into your set plays out of the “weave”.

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