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What are we doing?
This is a deception play that is designed to get a 2-point shot for the SHOOTER. The basic concept is to trick the defense into letting down their guard just for a moment.

What are we doing?

Video link of the Knueppel Brothers running What are we doing.

· The POINT is at the top of the key.
· The SHOOTER is standing at the wing within range of a 2-point shot.
· The POST can be anywhere on the court, and should be setting up to go for the offensive rebound.
· The POINT passes the ball to the SHOOTER.
· The SHOOTER stands there for a second, looks around, looks confused, and hollers out “What are we doing?”
· When the defender lets down his guard for a moment (to see what is going on), the SHOOTER takes the shot.

· The best time to run this play is if the defender on the SHOOTER is giving the SHOOTER a little space. This play cannot be run if the defender is right up on the SHOOTER.
· Both the POST and the POINT know that this shot is going up and should be rebounding.
· This play can be run at any time. If you have run through a sequence of plays, or there is a scramble for the ball, and any of your players have the ball in a position to call this play….Run it.

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