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Team and Player Bios
The Flying Knueppel Brothers Basketball Club is based in Milwaukee and is an internationally traveled 3-on-3 basketball team that competes in and wins at the highest level of 3-on-3 basketball. The team is made up of four average looking brothers who have an uncommon style of play. The Flying Knueppel Brothers were selected as members of the Gus Macker Hall of Fame in 2003. Gus Macker is the original 3-on-3 basketball tournament in the U.S., and celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2003. Gus Macker (a.k.a. Scott McNeal) and his staff coined the nickname "The Flying Knueppel Brothers" because they enjoy our style of play.

The team has participated in tournaments in 33 different cities, spanning 12 states and 2 countries.

With 4 championships in 2003, including a National Championship, the Flying Knueppel Brothers now have 23 tournament championships to their credit, and have an overall record of 154-34.

Listed below are the Gus Macker Hall of Fame members of the Flying Knueppel Brothers, along with some of the 3-on-3 records held by the Knueppels.

Klinty Klint Knueppel - Project Manager for Kohl's Department Stores in Milwaukee. Attended the University of Oklahoma. Holds the 3rd highest single-game scoring mark in Knueppel history at 59 points (Norman, OK in 1990). Greatest 3-on-3 moment - Hitting the game-winning free throw in a game in Nashville against "the enemy", a fierce rival.
Klayman Klay Knueppel - Owner of KK Lawncare in Milwaukee and Head Coach of the Wisconsin Lutheran College women's basketball team. Holds the NAIA record for FT% in a season at 95% while at Wisconsin Lutheran College. Holds the 4th highest single-game scoring mark in Knueppel history at 56 points (Oconomowoc, WI in 1998). Has a personal best of 357 consecutive made free throws. Greatest 3-on-3 moment - Driving to the hoop and scoring the game-winner against Tree Gordon in Milwaukee. When you see Klay, ask him about it.
The Mitten Kole Knueppel - President of the Schools That Can in Milwaukee. Nicknamed "The Mitten". Holds the Wisconsin High School State Championship single-game record for 3-pointers made. Played at Wisconsin Lutheran College, and professionally in the Czech Republic. When asked what his high scoring effort was for inclusion in the Knueppel record book, he replied, "Have you seen the other brother's high scores? Someone has to pass the ball." Highest known point total is 42 (14 3-pointers - Waukesha in 2004). Greatest 3-on-3 moment - Hitting 2 deep two-pointers from the sewer cover on 4th St. (which now has Kole's name engraved on it) to propel us to victory in the Milwaukee city 3-on-3 Top Gun championship.
Pregame Kon Knueppel - Guidance Counselor at Ronald Reagan High School in Milwaukee. Was an All-American while at Wisconsin Lutheran College and holds the school career scoring mark at 2064 points and career rebounding mark at 833 rebounds (He also holds 5 other career records at WLC). Holds the top two scoring marks in Knueppel history at 88 points (Waukesha, WI in 2002) and 63 points (Waukesha in 2000). Greatest 3-on-3 moment - Finally getting to start a game at a tournament in Minneapolis. One of the top players in Wisconsin doesn't have a starting spot on the FKB team. He's the little brother, what do you expect?. Also, a video clip for his grandkids to enjoy years from now.
Gus Macker The Fifth Knueppel - Check this out.

Team Records
Here are a few of the team records the Flying Knueppel Brothers hold in 3-on-3 basketball:

Most 2-pointers Attempted (Single Game) - 43 - Semi-final game in Belding, MI in 2003. We were playing against some quick young guys, and it was a little breezy. We ended the game shooting 9-43 from 2-point land, and managed to pull out a tight 21-19 victory. (For comparison, the NBA record for 3-point attempts in a game is 47).

Shortest 3-on-3 Game in History - 3 1/2 Minutes - First round game in Milwaukee in 2000. Neither team missed a shot. Klay hit 5 straight 2-pointers, and then hit Kon on a back door lay-up for the game winner. The Knueppels win 11-5 in a rain-shortened game on the Top Gun court. The entire game can be seen on the Video Clips page of this site.

The 6-point play - In Marion, IL in 1998, Kole completed the only known 6-point play in 3-on-3 history. The Flying Knueppels were in the bonus, and Kole was fouled. One of our opponents cussed at the ref which drew a whistle and a two-shot penalty. Kole stepped up and hit the bonus free-throw, and then hit both penalty shots to complete the 6-point play.

2nd Highest Individual Point Total (Single Game) - 17 - Winner's bracket Championship game in Wausau in 2003. Klay was 8-13 from 2-point land, and also made a free throw in a 20-8 Knueppel victory. The Highest Individual Point Total is 18, and is held by "Sugar" Mel McGlaughlin. Click here for the video highlight.

Most 2-pointers Made by a Team (Single Game) - 10 - Top Men's Championship game in Belding, MI in 2003. The Flying Knueppels went 10-27 from 2-point land in winning the Championship 20-18.

Team Record 19-game Winning Streak - In 2001, the Flying Knueppel Brothers went on a 19-game winning streak. The streak included winning the Sterling Top Men's Championship and the Belding Top Men's Championship, before falling 16-14 in the Milwaukee Top Gun Championship.

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