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2012 Schedule

The full schedule for 2012 is being worked on.
* Flying Knueppel Brothers 2012 tournament TBD.
* Flying Knueppel Brothers Basketball Camp TBD.

Over the years people have commented on our unique style of play. Here are a few of our favorite quotes:

"The Flying Knueppel Brothers!" - Tony Wysinger and Scott McNeal (Gus Macker) in Quincy.

"We called a timeout, and in the huddle I said, '1-2, 2-4, 3-6; I think they're going to get to 16 before we do'." - Bobby from Lehigh U. talking about a timeout he called while playing against us in the NYC Hoop-It-Up.

"You guys got trigonometry in your game, and most folks don't know no trigonometry." - Fan watching us in Wausau.

"Flying Knueppel Brothers are in-kredible." - The Daily Gazette - Sterling, IL.

"There's a Knueppel in the k-bushes!" - Mitch McNeal describing Kon's attempted save on the court in Gus's backyard.

"There's a shooting exhibition going on over here at the Top Men's court." - Macker DJ in Wausau after Klay made his 6th straight 2-pointer.

"Where am I, Pleasantville?" - Ernest from the Bad Boys in the backyard Top Men's court in Belding during a Knueppel shoot-around.

"You too can be a Knueppel for 3 easy payments of $19.95." - JD (Jon Davis) the Macker DJ in Sterling.

"Whooaa....Yeaahhh!!!!!" - The fans in Nashville on every shot Klay took. He was on fire.

"Was that Utah?" "No, that was me." - Kole responding to a fan in Hammond, IN.

"An exercise in fundamental basketball." - Gus Macker referring to the Knueppel Brothers during a backyard game in Belding.

"I Knueppel. Do you Knueppel?" - JD the Macker DJ.

"I realize what your strategy is, but c'mon." - Dad in Indy after we beat a really athletic, big, talented team.

"Remember Zdar." - Klint's periodic warning about being overconfident (referring to a game in the Czech Republic where that happened).

"Switch on everything and pray for wind." - Quincy U. coach to a couple of his players on a strategy to beat the Knueppels.

"In better conditions, this is going up!" - Kole, to his defender on a windy day on the Top Men's court.

"We never lose to young guys!" - Knueppel mantra first stated in Indy.

Not a quote, but a very memorable moment - The shoot-around at the Residence Inn in Gary, IN.

"Carpae Tournae" - Kole coming up with a catchy "seize the tournament" quote in Quincy.

"The Knueppels don’t look like basketball players…. But put them out on the basketball court, either on the street, on the playground, in a gym, and suddenly they're Delta Force." - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

"Good sound fundamental basketball at its best." - The Daily Gazette - Sterling, IL.

"…the Flying Knueppel Brothers have been dazzling fans across the country in numerous Gus Macker tournaments." - The Island Packet - Hilton Head Island, SC.

"(The Knueppel Brothers) are … the Princeton of three-on-three basketball." - Gus Macker (a.k.a Scott McNeal) to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

"The Knueppels….look like a team of choir boys, but with their ball-control offense they are fixtures in rough-and-tumble top gun hierarchy." - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

"It’s like playing that team in the movie ‘Hoosiers’ - Hickory High School. They run plays at you, set double picks, you name it." - Marc Mitchell, former University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee standout quoted in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

"Gimme that!" - A classic Klay phrase in Nashville, as he got fired up during a game.

If you have any questions about the Flying Knueppel Brothers Basketball Club, contact us at Put BASKETBALL in the subject line. We’d be happy to put you on our mailing list for tournament updates and periodic newsletters.

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