Flying Knueppel Brothers Basketball Club, MIlwaukee, WIExtender

This play is designed to get a 2-point shot from the top of the key by the SHOOTER. The basic concept is the POINT and the SHOOTER splitting the post. A different option on this same play is designed to get the POINT a shot.


Video link of the Knueppel Brothers running White.

The POINT enters the ball in the post and runs to the wing and sets a pick for the SHOOTER.
The SHOOTER comes off of the pick to the top of the key.
The POST passes the ball to the SHOOTER for the 2-point shot.

This seems like a play that is too simple to be effective, but for some reason the defender guarding the POINT has a hard time switching to defend the SHOOTER.
The second option for this play is to get a shot for the POINT. When the POINT passes the ball into the POST, if he runs away from the SHOOTER, that is the signal that the SHOOTER should come over the top of the POST and set a pick for the POINT.
Get the worst defender on the POINT. That defender is the one who will have to switch to get to the SHOOTER.

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